Just thankful to have HVAC cooling where we are

It’s still sort of shocking for me to think about how life was for my grandparents.

It’s only been two generations but so much has changed since they were raising a family. That’s something I guess I really didn’t consider. But then again, I’ve been busy raising a family of my own just down the road from where they raised my dad. However, my house has residential HVAC and theirs didn’t. I’m in my 50’s and the last kid just went off to college last fall. So that has left me more time to sit in the air conditioning comfort of my house and ponder stuff like what it must have been like for my grandparents. My family is from a part of the country where there is a big emphasis on HVAC cooling. Of course, that is due to the fact that this region sees its fair share of heat and humidity. I think we’re all good with the temps in the spring and the fall. It’s warm but lovely. And the winter is just about perfect with the heat pump pretty much being still for that period of the year. But the summer heat season is another animal entirely. From June through September it’s pretty much broiling here. Yet, we have the luxury of air conditioning. When I consider what it must have been like during the summer for my grandparents, it sort of blows my mind. The most cooling they got in the summer was a random breeze on the front porch. And I imagine those infrequent breezes must have felt like a godsend.
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Air purification changes the game this spring

It’s sort of hard to believe really.

I keep sort of waiting for the pollen to snatch me and make my life miserable again.

This time of year is not my most favorite but it should be. Spring is a good thing because it means that the gas furnace will be stopping soon. And that means that all the HVAC heating costs will vanish. Plus, the rebirth during this time of year is simply just so beautiful that it oftens takes my breath away. However, I also suffer greatly from seasonal allergies. That’s why I’ve traditionally just hated the spring. There are some years that I have to get on the prescription stuff to stop the allergy suffering. And that stuff makes me feel like I’m walking around in quicksand. But it’s either that or have my eyes swollen shut and sneeze a thousand times a day. However, it’s a whole new ballgame this year. Not only am I taking the OTC allergy meds, I’m not suffering at all inside the house. Finally, the inside of my home is a sanctuary when it comes to all the pollen. This is due to the fact that the HVAC company installed a whole home air purification system inside the HVAC equipment in our home. This thing is able to actually burn up the DNA of all the pollen in the air using high intensity UV light. And it works. Plus, the air purifier is also getting rid of any other airborne contaminants as well. Our indoor air is so clean and fresh now that we have the air purifier.

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Weekend getaway comes with great heating and cooling

I wasn’t so sure about spending 3 nights at an inn.

The idea of staying somewhere like that was not exactly appealing to me.

If I was traveling for business, I always stayed at the mid tier hotels. I loved the fact that they were always nicely appointed, clean and had the best heating and cooling. It’s those big wall unit air conditioners that do it for me. Plus, the price and the free breakfast at my choice of lodging was right in my wheelhouse. That’s not what I was getting with a long weekend at this inn. But, it was a place I knew that my wife was just itching to visit. And honestly, I could be a bit more spontaneous and romantic when it comes to her. She’s the best thing that ever happened to me so showing her the sort of time she adores is a good thing. Still, the idea of an inn conjured thoughts of shared bathrooms and archaic heating and cooling. But this wasn’t the case at all. The rooms were all extremely nice, updated and individually decorated. Plus, they had great heating and cooling. We had our own ductless heat pump which is sort of a cousin to those big wall units in the hotels where I normally stay. The ductless heat pump was awesome. I was so impressed with just how easily and quickly the ductless heat pump satisfied our every heating and cooling need. The rest of the weekend was a big surprise as well. The restaurant served some of the best food I’ve ever put in my mouth. And my wife and I were able to relax together as well as get out and explore the awesome space the inn occupied. We even went into town for some ice cream like we did when we were first dating.



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Time for an HVAC upgrade so we’re selling the house

We wanted something that had all the HVAC technology available along with great reliability of the top end residential HVAC.

The more we talked about it, the more it made sense to get the house on the market. The time seemed right for us to make that sort of move. The kids were starting out with their own lives quite successfully, the real estate market was booming and the HVAC equipment needed to be replaced. It was the HVAC technician telling us that we needed to start thinking about new residential HVAC that was the tipping point which started the serious discussions. It just seemed like if we were going to do and HVAC equipment upgrade, why not do the other stuff that would get us a great price on the house. We were both tired of taking care of such a big house by ourselves. Plus, it was wasteful for two people and a dog. Just the heating and cooling costs were absurd for just two people. And my wife and I really wanted to live the rest of our lives more sustainably anyway. So it was pretty much settled that getting the latest in HVAC technology would be our first step toward getting our house on the market. The HVAC professionals were so great about helping us wade through the myriad of options when it came to residential HVAC choices. We wanted something that had all the HVAC technology available along with great reliability of the top end residential HVAC. We got all of that and then some. The new heating and cooling equipment was actually a very big selling point. We were stunned to receive the price we did when the bidding wars stopped and the house finally got sold.


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Focusing on HVAC cooling costs this summer

But the smart thermostat is now set up to really maintain a sustainable thermostat setting during the heat of the day

I finally decided to get proactive when it comes to what I spend on air conditioning in the summer. In our region, the air conditioning is for sure the biggest HVAC concern. If I could have our winter weather year round, I would. It’s so nice and mild here in the winter. There is just so much sunshine, blue skies and great temperatures with our winter that it makes it tough to know it’s over. But that’s the case as we are now in full swing when it comes to the spring season. Things are greening up and I just called for the air conditioning tune-up from the HVAC company. Those are two things that happen every spring. However this spring, I’m going a bit deeper when it comes to HVAC prep. This year, I’m sealing up the house, stopping the direct sunlight heating and maintaining the thermostat discipline I’ve been missing. These steps are the basics when it comes to lessening the HVAC cooling cost during our blast furnace of a summer. The sealing up started with replacing the weather stripping around all the entrances. Then, I started sealing any sort of gap or crack I could find on the exterior and the interior of my house that might leak air conditioning. The drapes are now automatic and will cover the windows as needed. That’s thanks to our smart thermostat which deploys those solar shades as needed. But the smart thermostat is now set up to really maintain a sustainable thermostat setting during the heat of the day. I expect to save well over 15 percent on HVAC cooling costs with these efforts.

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