Made a new neighbor who an AC tech

The most unstandard things will happen sometimes… Such as myself and others just making a new neighbor when our central heating & a/c proposal had stopped working.

My local heating & a/c supplier didn’t have enough emergency heat & a/c house services available when I needed it! So I called an independent heating & a/c specialist that I had found online in our area.

I have to tell you that I am not sure how it happened, but Ed and I started talking about all kinds of things & turned out Ed and I had a lot of the same interests. Both of us both also have wives who have the same interests. So Ed and I decided the people I was with and I were going to celebration & hang out. Ed & his husband & myself and others with our husband. The independent heating & a/c specialist also wound up giving myself and others a discount on the heating & a/c repair because of this. Ed only charged myself and others for standard heating & a/c house services instead of emergency heating & cooling house service. That was mighty nice of Ed to do that because he did not have to even though the people I was with and I were going to hang out. Making a friend in the most strange ways love this is something that does not happen every single day of your life, you know? Who would have predicted that an emergency heating & a/c iphone call to the local independent heat & a/c specialist was going to turn into a possible friendship? The craziest things happen & you never know what is next.
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The newest company in town

There is a brand new heating & a/c supplier that just came into town.

Both of us have been waiting for this for a while since Ed and I only had 1 heating & a/c supplier & also a couple of indie heating & cooling specialists to choose from.

This gives an extra choice of who to use for all of our residential heating & a/c needs. I was fine with the 1 & only heating & a/c supplier Ed and I had but sometimes their prices I felt were a bit steep. This new heating & a/c supplier who came to town has far better prices so I am going to try them out. I need a heating & a/c tune up & check-up soon, so I am going to call them to do the Heating plus A/C tune up & check up to see how they are. The prices are genuinely great compared to the other heat & a/c supplier & it even beats out the independent heating & a/c specialists in the area. I am going to call them next weekend to schedule & this will be the thing that tells all about them. I am hoping that they are going to be top notch so I can begin using them for all of our heating & a/c proposal needs, and finding quality heating & a/c house services is not easy work. But when you do find the best 1 it is great & will stay great as long as the ownership does not change. This is our personal experience in the past with all heating & cooling companies.

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I’m proud of myself for becoming an HVAC tech

I genuinely put everything I had into attending heating & a/c trade school to become a certified heat & a/c pro.

And today was the day that I finally graduated! It feels love I just passed & achieved a major life milestone.

This was a large long haul to get to this point & pass our final exam. But I did it because I genuinely paid a lot of attention during the classes… Now the next step will be getting a task working for a local heating & a/c supplier in our local area. There are a lot who hire rookies out of heating & cooling school such as myself. I just need to find the 1s that do & begin applying! Even though it could really well be some months before I can really get out into the heating & a/c field & begin genuinely working as a certified heating & a/c specialist, I am really proud of myself with everything I have succeeded in here. The heating & a/c school was not an easy job at all but I gave it our all & made the final passing grade. This makes myself and others feel so proud of myself, more than I can even put into words. It is genuinely a major life goal reached & the fact that I wanted to become a heating & a/c pro love our aunt Jane all of our teenage years just adds to the fact that this is the greatest thing I have ever done yet!



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My acquaintance Bob was so very helpful

I hope that someday I can return the favor by going & doing something for Bob in a time of need

My acquaintance Bob is a truly fantastic & nice guy all together. I was out of air filters for our central heating & a/c proposal & did not have the time to go to the store & buy more. I mentioned this to Bob just in conversation & would you guess that he had some spare air filters to gave myself and others? A ton of them! And these were not just any regular air filters. These were the really costly and top of the line HEPA air filters for central heating & a/c proposal units! I was speechless. I could not fathom it! I simply could not guess it! Bob really had all these air filters of the HEPA brand for central heating & a/cs to spare & gave them all to myself and others to help us out. I can not say I have ever had a fantastic & giving acquaintance love this in all of our life till now! Bob is genuinely fantastic all around for doing this for me. I hope that someday I can return the favor by going & doing something for Bob in a time of need. Bob gave myself and others enough HEPA brand air filters for the central heating & a/c proposal to last myself and others a few months! I am not kidding on this either… HEPA air filters last longer than any standard air filters so I have to change them every 2 months instead of every single month of the year. And this will save myself and others a ton of money.

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Crazy weather this time of year

It is getting close to the holidays right now & the weather has been getting ridiculous where I live.

Would you actually guess that it was 90 degrees today & I really had to turn on our central a/c! Usually of course this season of the year it is usually the central heating that is getting cranked, but this crazy weather has myself and Ed running the central a/c in the middle of January! It might be all this climate change & the global warming junk… All I know is it is crazy.

But then at night I have to crank the central furnace, however this is all giving our central heating & a/c proposal quite the job out. When all of this is done I am going to have to call our local heating & a/c supplier to have them send over a certified heat & a/c specialist to do a dire heating & cooling tune up & check up on our old central heating & a/c. I usually do not have that done until the Spring. But after all this back & forth with the heater & the a/c in the same day, & every single day as of lately I am going to have no choice if I need to ensure that our central heating & a/c proposal is fully genuinely working with no problems at all. But I will wait until the weather cools off again before I make that iphone call.

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