I’m frustrated with the new guy

My boss told me that the new guy is smart and knowledgeable, but he doesn’t seem to know anything at all.

  • I got stuck getting to train the new guy.

For the next 4 weeks, he gets to ride around with me in the repair truck. It’s supposed to be my job to teach him the ropes that have to do with our business. I’m not supposed to actually be teaching him how to work on heating and air conditioning equipment. We have a lot of residential clients and several commercial clients as well. You have to be knowledgeable in order to work on your own. I was really frustrated with the new guy yesterday, because he was supposed to be a second hand for an installation job. When two guys work on an HVAC installation job, it should take around 6 hours. It took the two of us 10 hours. I felt like he was holding me back half of the time. If I would have been working by myself, I would not have had to take time out of my day to explain to the guy how to do his job. I went to the boss yesterday and I told him that I was worried that the guy was not as skilled as my boss thought. He told me that I should figure out a way to teach the guy everything that he should know. Then my boss told me that the kid is his nephew. There’s no way this guy is going to work out, but there’s also no way that the bus is ever going to let him go. It’s his sister’s son for crying out loud.



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The band performed without any AC

My friends and I went to see a band perform.

The band was supposed to go on at 9:00.

There was a band before the main band played. They started around 8:00. It was really hot inside of the venue when the band started performing. I was already worried that there might be an issue with the ac. There was no cool air anywhere and that included the bathrooms. Earlier in the night before the bands started, I remember the bathrooms were much cooler. After the first band went on, someone came out to the main stage. They announced that the other band was going to start in a few minutes. They also announced that there wasn’t going to be any AC for the rest of the night. The announcer apologized for the problems with the air conditioning system and offered to give anyone a refund for their ticket price if they wanted to leave. The band was going to perform with or without any ac. They came to the stage about 10 minutes later. I never once thought about going to the ticket hub to get a refund. We were there to party and listen to music. I was really overheated by the end of the night, especially after consuming marijuana and lots of beer. I was supposed to be the designated driver, but we all passed out in the back of my truck before we went anywhere. We slept until the sun came up and then we drove back to our apartment. We had the most amazing and awesome time.


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Called the next day to join HVAC service plan

He also let us know that our ductwork was in excellent condition and installation of the new HVAC equipment was a go.

We are thrilled to have the latest and great when it comes to our new residential HVAC. While we were pleased to have the old heat pump last 26 years, we were honestly ready for an HVAC equipment upgrade. I attribute the longevity of the hold heating and cooling equipment to consistent HVAC maintenance. Each year, we’d get heating maintenance in the fall followed by an air conditioning tune up in the spring. And that sort of seasonal HVAC maintenance really paid off for us. But when the HVAC technician informed us that the old heat pump was at the end, we were just a bit pleased as well. For years, we’ve been sort of jealous of the awesome evolution in HVAC technology that we were witnessing in other homes. It seemed like we couldn’t go to a cocktail party without spending 20 minutes with the host talking about smart thermostats. So when it was time to put the old heat pump to rest, we certainly had ideas about the sort of heating and cooling equipment we wanted. Thankfully, we have great HVAC professionals who we’ve trusted now for almost 30 years. And they really listened to what we wanted from our new residential HVAC. The HVAC contractor came out to our house to inspect and help us determine the exact HVAC model we wanted. He also let us know that our ductwork was in excellent condition and installation of the new HVAC equipment was a go. Now that we have this incredible HVAC technology, it’s even better than we thought. The very next day after it was all installed, I called the HVAC company to sign up for the HVAC service plan. For sure, we’re going to protect this investment in this awesome quality heating and air.


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Getting HVAC in my garage

I really feel pretty fancy now that I have air conditioning in my garage.

And believe me, all of my buddies gave me the business over me having a ductless heat pump in my garage.

But I guarantee you that every one of them is either jealous or fixing to do the same thing. Putting in a ductless heat pump was a no brainer for me. Yet, having some quality heating and air in my garage was also part of a reward for myself as well. I promised myself I’d get heating and cooling in the garage if I cleaned it out and organized it. This was my incentive. And the initial motivation comes from being inside the central air conditioning of my home with all my girls during the pandemic. I have a wife and three daughters so there were times when I was slipping out of the central air conditioning to go for a walk. It was not easy at all for our daughters to coexist during the pandemic. It dawned on me that I really wanted a place in the house where I could get some privacy and quiet. That’s when I came up with the idea of really maximizing the value of the space in my garage. It took the better part of a month of weekends for me to get the garage in shape. But it only took about 4 hours for the HVAC professionals to install my ductless heat pump. I simply can’t believe the high quality heating and air that comes from this small residential HVAC. It’s heaven in the summer to be out there with the air conditioning on and alone just tinkering around. It’s sort of my happy place.


Loving our house thanks to air purification

It was really tough to suddenly be falling out of love with our home. That was pretty much the last thing that my wife and I ever expected. When we first walked in this house 7 years ago, we knew right away that this was our home. We moved in, replaced the residential HVAC and got to building our family. But our family is not exactly the traditional nuclear family model. Our kids are of the furry variety and we love each and every one of them. But what we didn’t love was the way the air smelled in our home. We ended up with two dogs and three cats. They weren’t going anywhere so we had to find an answer to the poor indoor air quality. We went to the heating and cooling experts for help after our attempts failed. Believe me, we tried everything we could when it came to deodorizing our home. But nothing worked. As soon as the HVAC equipment kicked on, whatever brief respite from the odors we had would end. Whether it was a scented candle or some other means of making the air smell better, it was over when the heat pump kicked on. The HVAC professionals really gave us an education about airborne odors. To start, those odors are going to remain until the bacteria that’s causing them has been eliminated. The only way we were going to solve our problem was with air purification. We chose to go with the sort of air purifier that uses high intensity ultraviolet light to destroy the DNA of that bacteria. I was stunned by the results. In 24 hours, the whole home air purification system completely transformed our home. Once again, I love walking into the central air conditioning of my house and the home I love.

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