Starting college and experiencing no air conditioning

A lot of people would be surprised that a lot of colleges try to save money or don’t have enough money in their budget to expense certain things.

One of those things I realized when I was doing tours of colleges that I was interested in was a lot of them do not have air conditioning systems in the dorms.

I even saw that some of the classrooms didn’t have any air ducts or air vents that would allow air conditioning system to go through. I was really shocked by this because when the weather is warm how can students be productive? I know that there were at least two classrooms in my high school that didn’t have any form of air conditioning except for portable floor air conditioning systems. And those classrooms that had a lack in commercial air conditioning, made it really hard to focus and be productive in those classes. That is why I am being very picky with the college that I choose because I want to go to a school where I’m going to get good grades because i’m focused and productive in class. Getting good grades doesn’t stem from just studying but it also comes from feeling comfortable because the temperature is set to a certain degree through a thermostat whether the thermostat is set to a furnace or an air conditioning system. I know that my specific requirements are going to be hard to find but even if I can find an hvac system in my dorm I’ll be happy because I don’t want to have to go to a class that doesn’t have an hvac system and then also go back to a dorm that doesn’t have an hvac system either. Here’s to finding a college!


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Getting fired from changing the thermostat

Since I am the oldest of two other siblings in my family you could say that as the oldest I did some things to really test my parents. As everyone knows when you are the oldest child, your parents can be more strict on you because they’ve never had any other child to compare other experiences to. I really worried my family with a lot of things that I’ve done. When I was in high school I used to jump off our town’s local bridge in the summertime. I would go to parties and underage drink. Luckily my parents didn’t have to bail me out of jail, but there came a point in time where they almost had to. Now that I am in my forties my daring attitude has really toned down. But I did a dumb thing last week that I can certainly add to my list. So my boss has talked to me multiple times about my actions when it comes to changing the office’s thermostat. I can’t help not to touch the office thermostat because so many people in our office are also changing it. And those people never get caught in touching the thermostat. The other day one of my best buddies who works with me, dared me to change the thermostat in front of my boss. And with the daring attitude that I have, I did. My boss basically let me go because he saw me change the thermostat. According to him he warned me that if I ever pulled a stunt like changing the thermostat again he was going to terminate me. And that’s what he did, he let me go. Personally I want to go to human resources about this issue but I don’t want to waste my breath over a stupid hvac thermostat.


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Restaurants switching from heating systems to cooling systems

Within the past week the weather has gotten so much warmer.

It’s like the weather changes in a quick snap of a finger! Now I’m wanting to plant my garden for the upcoming weather.

I want a much larger garden this year so I can use a lot of my vegetables for my dinner table. I really love homegrown and fresh food. When the weather was colder I was going to restaurants that serve a lot of fresh and local grown food. One of my favorite restaurants that I go to frequently I wasn’t very pleased with. Normally I would walk in and the temperature would be nice and comfortable. They do a really good job setting their thermostat to a universal comfortable temperature. I have read that a comfortable temperature that should be set on a thermostat is 68 degrees. This benefits people who are always warm or always cold. However when I went to the restaurant just yesterday, they had their air conditioning system on full blast! I understood that the weather was warmer than usual outside, but I didn’t think that they should have had their air conditioning system on high. This was a little absurd. I couldn’t sit at one of their tables and enjoy my lunch. So that’s when I asked one of the employees if they could turn down their air conditioning system. They told me that they couldn’t since the thermostat is set by their manager and their manager left for the day. I was a little upset by this so I put in a formal complaint that their heating and cooling system needs to be set to a more appropriate temperature for all guests, so one that is not too hot and not too cold.


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Playing in a basketball tournament and air conditioning broke

I have been athletic for all of my life.

  • I was a multi sport athlete all throughout my time in high school.

I was even given the title most athletic my senior year in the year book! It has been many years since I have graduated from high school. I still am active but not as active as I was in highschool, but at least I still have my athleticism! Every Thursday night I play in a basketball league. Our league isn’t that great, some like to call it a beer league but I take it pretty seriously because of how competitive I am. Last week was pretty brutal because of how hot it was in the gym. As the game went on I was getting sweatier and sweatier. I could hear my teammates complaining about the heat and other team as well. I could also see a few of my teammates go up to the ref and ask about the temperature. The ref got the facility manager and it turns out that the air conditioning system broke down. I could see them near the thermostat trying to adjust it but nothing would work. With the last 5 minutes of the game I could see a heating and cooling technician come and take a look at the thermostat in the gym. Unfortunately we had to play the rest of the game without any cool air from the air conditioning system. I’m hoping that by next week for our game there will be some cool air relief from the air vents and ductwork above the gym floor. Because if not, I will be sure to have our game moved in a well air conditioned facility.

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I don’t think people realize just how much money nannies make.

The first time I heard the amount of money nannies make in a week, especially in the city, was eye-opening! I had to immediately get into that field. My friend makes about 1,500 dollars a week, it’s crazy! When she told me that, I went right to a job board finding nanny positions. I’ve been nannying for a family for about a week now and it’s not too bad. It’s a lot of work and responsibility. For example, the house that I was nannying at their air conditioning system just stopped working. I went to the thermostat and switched the unit on and then off and then back on again. I still could not hear the air conditioning system turn back on. This issue was more than just switching the unit on and off. I took matters into my own hands and called a local heating and cooling system. My boss was going to be out of town with no access to phones for another three days. There was no way that the kids or myself would remotely be comfortable in this heat. Thankfully the heating and cooling technician came that day and was able to fix it within thirty minutes. The HVAC technician took the thermostat off the wall, made a few changes and switched out the control unit. I asked the heating and cooling technician if I could have the receipt so I could show my bus what the expense was for. I was able to get a receipt and then we were back to having air conditioning in the house.


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