Heating is more important than cooling

The cold can make people crazy. I have had my fill of people from the south talking about how hot it gets. The thing about warm temps is that they are often uncomfortable, but rarely deadly. When the heat gets to be over 100 degrees, that can be dangerous, but those kinds of temps are very rare. Where I live we don’t get much warm weather, but the cold can be a killer. That is not a turn of phrase or hyperbole, it is a fair and accurate description. The temps around here get so low that you need a heater or you might not survive. Having an air conditioner is the way to make yourself more comfortable, but heating is something that can keep you alive! Most folks in this region don’t even bother owning an air conditioner, because there is rarely a need for one. What’s far more important is a reliable source of heating, not just for your home and your family, but also for your livestock. Other than farmers and ranchers, people never consider the heating needs of animals. When you raise cows, pigs, and chickens like many people around here do, you need to make sure they have a safe level of heating through the brutal winter months. Regular space heaters won’t work in these situations because they pose too great a fire hazard. There are special kinds of heating units used in barns, ones that generate an ample amount of low-level ambient heat, while posing no risk for a fire, even if they get stepped on.


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