You need an air purifier if you have dogs

I’ve had dogs my entire life.

My house growing up was full of dogs, and I even had a dog sitting service when I was in middle school.

I know about many dog breeds and how to care for dogs from puppy to geriatric care. It’s become a true passion of mine, and now I do it for a profession as a veterinarian. Something that dog owners don’t talk about is how much an air purifier is needed if you are going to own a dog, or really any animal indoors. Dogs bring in so much from the outdoors because they stick on their fur and paws, and this can really impact the quality of air in your home. I always recommend my patients either install a good air purification system within their HVAC, or to place air purifiers in every room that the dogs normally frequent. It’s important to have an air purifier around dogs because there are lots of bacteria that they can unknowingly pick up outside. Many retired people like to get dogs to have someone to take care of, and I think it is extra important for them to have air purifiers if their health is immunocompromised, or if they have respiratory problems. I personally have an air purifier in every room of my house, and also have great filters in my air conditioning system. Having a dog is a luxury and it is a great reward. We should also note the drawbacks of owning an animal so that we can keep ourselves safe and healthy. Keeping an animal indoors has become quite normal, but it doesn’t negate the fact that we should still take some precautions so that we don’t get sick.