Author: Francis

Losing weight quick

One of my number one gifts that my parents bought myself and others in early childhood was my bike. I used that bike almost weekly until I was 9 and they bought myself and others a greater one. Both of us had a lot of trails near the house leading to the perimeter of our […]

Annual fee

I prefer getting membership discounts on my music streaming software. If you use acquaintance referrals, you can get free weeks of music streaming service. I started doing this on forums and had an indefinite number of free streaming weeks it seemed before it all came to an abrupt end one afternoon and I was locked […]

A quick gym membership

My new toil schedule is fairly crazy as I go to toil at 10pm and I finish toil at 6am. I do my shopping at the minute when all the people are either rising from bed or are in their cars on the way to their own shifts for the afternoon. I love the quiet […]

My local fitness trainer

After the gyms and fitness centers started reopening last year, several of them saw a surge in demand from people who were desperate to get out of their homes and lose some weight for the first time in over two years My fiance had a dream of running her own restaurant, but that vision started […]