Author: Francis

Duct cleaning fixes air quality concerns

Living in St. Novemberine, Florida, means dealing with especially warm and humid weather. My associate and I properly beginning up the air conditioner equipment by the end of January and keep it running until sometime in November. There is a great deal of wear and tear on the cooling system. Maintaining a cool and comfortable […]

Problems with ductwork result in A/C maintenance

Because the maximum amount of cool air was failing to reach the intended destination, the air conditioner equipment was forced to run longer, work harder and use more energy I appreciate living in St. Novemberine, Florida. The part is truly appealing. I appreciate the views of the water, the history, palm trees and abundance of […]

Neglected A/C maintenance leads to maintenance

When I had a new central air conditioner equipment installed into my home, I should have enrolled in a maintenance agreement with the HVAC supplier. Because of the considerable cost of the cooling equipment and installation fees, I was reluctant to invest more currency. I assumed that the air conditioner equipment would operate just fine […]