Author: Francis

Dog is baffling – seeking heat

I will admit, I’m one of those annoying people who can’t stop thinking or talking about my dog. I am completely obsessed with the little guy, because no one is more loving, trustworthy, or loyal than him in my entire life. I adore my old buddy and I only want the best for him in […]

Awesome rental car, except for heat

Last week I had quite an annoying string of events thrown my way, as usual. We were just wrapping up “no stress November” as the universe threw us a few curveballs to kickstart December, including my car breaking down without warning. I was on a little road trip to visit my best friend when the […]

Spiteful power switch

Sometimes I wonder about people. Namely, I wonder if my teenager is out of his damn mind, because he sure doesn’t know how to act appropriately. It’s as if he has no concept of consequences, and just assumes he can go through the world acting like an ass if he so chooses. Well, that’s not […]

AC system revolts, Indian summer

Everyone I know right now is sick, and the reason is clear. It’s not that there’s some horrible superbug going around, infecting the entire population. Instead, I’m pretty positive that the cause is completely environmental. You see, our outdoor air temperature has been all over the place for a few weeks now, and I’m certain […]