You can make a fake AC with a couple of wet towels

When I was growing up, all of us did not have any Central AC in the house.

I do not guess I knew anyone with central air conditioning until I was a teenager.

We had to find creative ways to stay cool when the Summer temperatures were above 90 degrees; One time my sibling and I got a crazy idea. We took a couple of towels from the bathroom and put them in the sink. We covered the towels with frosty water and ice cubes. After the towel was wet and ice cold, all of us hung it up in front of the fan in the entryway. Suddenly the air coming out of the fan was much colder than the air in the room. This genre of air conditioning system is much love a swamp cooler, cold water evaporates as air blows through the chamber’s creating a cool air effect. When I was a kid, I did not realize I was making a swamp cooler. Now that I am an adult, this expertise absolutely is handy. I have central air conditioning inside of my home, however there are times when my family and I go camping and all of us are outdoors without air conditioning. These are times when all of us use the novel idea of a swamp cooler. We set up a couple of wet towels in front of the outdoor fan and it provides a small amount of comfort in the sizzling Summer sun. It might not sound terribly impressive, however on a sizzling Summer afternoon it feels genuinely refreshing and cool; Periodically you have to improvise to make the best out of a situation.



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