Whole home heating is important for senior citizens

I’ve been caring for my grandmother over the past few years.

Her health has been steadily declining, and my mom is not in the picture anymore so she cannot really help.

It’s been tough on me, but I’m happy that my grandmother is supported by someone who really cares for her. In caring for her home, I’ve come to take charge of things like the air conditioner and heating system. The more time goes on, the more she demands the heater be on at all hours of the day. At first she wanted the heat on in the mornings when she first woke up because that seems to be when her body temperature is the lowest. I installed a SMART thermostat so that I could program the heat to start thirty minutes before her typical wake up time. Now she is craving heat more throughout the day, so I’ve had to make updates to the whole home heating system in order for it to keep up with her needs. She’s lucky that I am cold-blooded and like the heat, because a normal person would not be able to withstand the heater running during the summer months. I’m realizing that whole home heating is important to many senior citizens, and that’s actually a market that air conditioning companies typically market towards. I really think that if my grandmother were in a senior home, she would not feel comfortable. I’m thankful to work from home so that she can have everything that she needs. She’s such a sweet woman who deserves to age as gracefully as she is.


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