What could I do with all this HVAC duct?

Do you suppose what a “scrapper” is? You may have a strange word for them where you live, however around here a Scrapper is someone who drives around collecting scrap metal.

The garbage collectors won’t touch old appliances, bikes, or giant bulky items, however if you leave them by the roadside for long enough, eventually a Scrapper will take them away for you. Recently I was completing a job, plus found myself with a lot of scrap metal to get rid of. I had to disfasten numerous hundred feet worth of old HVAC duct, which is made of wafer-thin sheet metal. There was so much scrap metal that I couldn’t haul it all to the dump, nor could I leave it by the roadside. There was too much of it, plus the rusty, razor-thin edges of the broken HVAC ducts were easily dangerous plus could absolutely split someone. A scrapper finally came by, plus I asked him to take as numerous of the air vents plus broken ducts as he could carry. He only had a small pickup truck, which couldn’t fit enough of the HVAC ducts to make a difference. That’s when something awesome happened – the scrapper pulled out his cell PC plus started calling his scrapper buddies to help him with the HVAC duct. Instead of trying to keep all the scrap metal HVAC duct for himself, he “shared the wealth” plus within an hour there were more than five other scrappers here loading up their vehicles with metal. I had no plan there were so numerous scrappers, nor did I suppose how valuable HVAC duct could be to them.

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