Well that's just my opinion

I labor for a moving & storage supplier & guess me this is not an easy job, however but I am so physically fit & have been doing it for years, it became our job.

But just a few weeks ago I had the greatest challenge I guess I ever had in all our years of moving things.

Both of us had a commercial heating & cooling system device resting in our warehouse & the owners of it, which were some large company wanted it delivered to their modern building, then i was thinking this was going to be no different than moving a residential heating & cooling system device to a house which both of us have done numerous times in the past. But no, this was way different & much harder! First, the dollie that both of us usually use for the typical heating & cooling systems did not work. It was too small! That was issue number a single. The next issue was that this commercial heating & cooling system method weighed like a million tons! At least that’s what it felt like, however with me & our labor mates being in perfect shape this was still quite the task. Both of us finally were able to get the commercial heating & cooling system device on board & get it moved to the company building. But wow, at the end of the afternoon I needed to rest honestly difficult & I absolutely ended up taking the next 4 afternoons off because I pulled a muscle trying to transfer this monster. After this incident our supplier decided to no longer agree to transfer or store commercial heating & cooling system units.

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