We went without air conditioning in the hotel

The air conditioner in the hotel was broken for some reason and it was angry.

Whenever we were out of town last year for business, we thought that we were going to be living the good life at the hotel that we were supposed to stay at, the business paid for the hotel and it looked like a entirely nice one, not only that, but we also had an expense account so we were planning on laying in the suite and ordering room service. We were looking forward to having a good time at the hotel once we were all done with the conference that both of us were attending that weekend. Well, that did not quite turn out the way that both of us thought it was going to because there was a heatwave that weekend. We noticed that the temperature outside was heating up when we were walking from the conference center over to the hotel. By the time we got there, we were dripping with sweat and we were both ready to go into the air conditioner in the hotel lobby. Unfortunately for us, the air conditioner in the lobby wasn’t finally working! It was broken and as we were soon to find out, the air conditioner up in the hotel rooms was not finally working either. That was entirely bad news for us, since all that we entirely wanted to do was rest around in the hotel room and love the air conditioner. Nothing went our way that weekend, that’s for sure. They weren’t able to get the HVAC back up and running all weekend.

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