We received gift cards from the spa after the HVAC installation

The jobs we have to do as air conditioning technicians require a lot of bending, lifting, twisting, and sometimes, we feel our bodies need a break.

  • Despite the job sometimes taking a toll on my body, I love what I do and working at the indoor comfort business.

At times, the air conditioning company will pay for us to have a full body massage to restore the streamline of our bodies and restore strength to areas that feel overworked. Last summer, however, we happened to have a job order at the leading spa in the city. The management had called the office and reported a damaged multi-split air conditioning unit. We scheduled the HVAC maintenance for the following morning. I took about three other a/c servicemen and headed to the spa salon. From the training, the team knew more about air conditioning, and before making any assumption just from the sight of the unit, they carried out a straightforward air conditioning repair. It revealed the unit was damaged beyond repair. Since the spa had shut down to allow us space to work, we were quick and efficient in restoring the air quality. The local air conditioning provider sent over a new quality air conditioner, and we proceeded with the HVAC installation. The fitting took us two hours. We confirmed the thermostat was functioning perfectly before leaving the spa. The spa management was so delighted with the service that they gave the team a voucher for free massages and facials. They said we were the most efficient team in the cooling industry. I was back at the spa the following week to cash in my voucher, and the massage never felt so good and needed.



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