We know that heat is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria

A month ago, we returned to the beach home from work to find the A/C was faulty.

We are nurses in a hospital where it’s always cool.

In such an environment, heat is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria, so it remains freezing cold. After getting to the beach home, we knew the A/C was faulty. The easiest thing to do was phone the Heating & Air Conditioning company. We sat down in our chair, which was situated close to the air vent, and tried to relax. We did some meditation in an effort to block out the tepid humid air that was in our beach home. Our roommates came to the beach home and were freaked out because of the lack of A/C. They demande to how we could rest in the chair looking like there was nothing wrong when it felt like they had just walked through the gates into Hades. We didn’t want to focus on the faulty AC A/C. Through meditation, we could find a lovely place where we easily weren’t minding it. All we said was the Heating & Air Conditioning service person would be there within an hour. Instead of quietly sitting down and forgetting about the heat, our roommates rushed into the kitchen and began banging pots around. Thank goodness for meditation. Not only could we block out the heat and humidity, but we could block out the presence of our roommates being in the beach home. We didn’t move from our position until an hour later when the doorbell rang. By that time, our roommates were done with their temper tantrum. They went to see the work the HVAC specialist was doing.



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