We had to choose between ducted and ductless air conditioning

My cousin and I have always been tight.

We were more like brother and sister than relatives.

My mom and his dad were siblings. When I was four years old, my dads almost killed my mom when he came home drunk. Mom managed to grab her phone and me before locking us in the bathroom. As dad tried to break the door, mom called her brother, who lived in the next state. How he managed to get to our house in under an hour is still something we don’t know. By the time he got there, dad was passed out on the couch, and that’s how we packed and left. After living with my uncle for some time, we got a place of our own next door. That’s how my cousin and I grew to be so close. 20 years later, we are finally getting a place of our own since we want to live together. The house is lovely, but it requires air conditioning. We are facing whether to go with ducted or ductless air conditioning. We spoke with an HVAC specialist about the dilemma, and she has offered us much insight. She wanted us to weigh the pros and cons of both systems before making a final decision. Once we did, she’d come by with her AC team and tool to fix our new air conditioning unit. Since we have a healthy budget, we see ducted air conditioning as the best option. That way, we can get an energy-efficient but powerful air conditioner to also use during the short winter months.


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