We all need to be careful this summer

I guess that;s going to nervous for the older boys

The cost for cooling down our home is going up every single year. This year the cost and price of gas and oil was so much higher than any other year in the past. I had a hard time keeping the house heated with the bills for the gas oil furnace at $300 every week. As energy prices are soaring, both of us all need to be careful this summer. It’s so substantial to not overuse the central cooling system. The central cooling system takes a much heavier beating during the Summer than the central oil furnace takes during the winter; One of the reasons is due to the weather; Every one of us have endured far hotter Summers than both of us have frigid winters. Winter time temperatures can be quite frigid however they are never frigid enough to snow. In the Summer both of us have the hottest temperatures of any locale in the region. I told the kids that I was going to put a lock on our thermostat if they try to adjust the temperatures this summer. Last year I didn’t say much to the kids about decreasing the temperature. This year things are going to be a lot different. I plan to keep the thermostat at a comfortable and manageable 72 degrees. I guess that;s going to nervous for the older boys. I might have to put my foot down and be the hammer, although I can’t afford to spend so much money every month to air condition the house. If the kids want to keep the cooling system thermostat set any lower than 68 degrees, they’re going to have to get a task or start a lemonade stand.

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