We actually shouldn’t have stolen the a/c

When you are in college, the words “Springtime break” convey a lot of excitement plus anticipation.

  • Springtime Break is a time for students to chop loose, either at home or on getaway, plus celebration with people their own age… College was a long time ago, however some traditions never die.

Ben, Max, Connie, plus I still try to celebrate Springtime cut every year. We all live in different states, so all of us will find a centralized location where all of us meet up plus spend a few afternoons getting crazy. This year all of us found a rustic beach house on the banks of a picturesque lake. It was a little too rustic, though, because it did not have an a/c! When all of us were young this would have been a problem however now all of us all had enough currency plus credit to just drive to Walmart plus buy a little a/c for the weekend. Of course, things couldn’t be that straight-forward, could they? We were all half drunk plus totally stoned within hours of arriving, plus decided that driving to get an a/c would be a terrible idea. Instead all of us skulked around the woods, looking at other cabins, plus when all of us found an empty 1 all of us snuck in plus stole their a/c! It was a window mounted air conditioner unit, so it took 2 of us to carry it back home. The weekend was a blur, however it was the best kind of blur, plus when it was all over all of us carried the a/c back to its original beach house plus hooked it back up.



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