Watching my martial arts show with the ideal temperature control settings

Everybody who knows me knows that I appreciate watching martial arts shows while enjoying the perfect temperature control settings with my HVAC system.

I love seeing the different styles of fighting and I actually listen to the shows in Mandarin while reading the subtitles.

I probably would listen in English if there was the option, but there are not enough shows that have been translated. Anyway, the storylines are just as deep and these shows are quite interesting. During the last show I watched, which has a whopping 44 episodes, I was intrigued by the way they had air conditioning. There was this one training location where they had filled the room with huge blocks of ice, and it of course created a strong cooling effect. This way, even on the hottest days, they could get cooling relief, especially while training. Now the particular martial artist who was training with the cooling from the ice, wanted to have a special strength in dealing with the frosty weather. The martial artists would all train regularly, to advance their levels of martial arts. Some of those charactacters were indeed impressive with their skills, and it’s so interesting to see all the fighting that takes places. I also enjoy how they have flying techniques and crazy swordplay skills. I’m sure some people find it ridiculous because obviously nobody can do moves like that in the real world, but it’s really a tale of fantasy with advanced martial arts skills. It’s typically a contest for who has the greatest skills and best techniques, not only in fighting but medical skills as well. In some instances, the ice was used to provide special healing to those who were hurt, it was interesting seeing that.


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