Want to change to a tankless water heater

I can’t wait until our water heating system goes… I suppose that sounds weird, but I entirely want to dislink our boiling water tank plus replace it with a tankless water heater, my house was definitely designed by a guy since there is no storage anywhere; The hallway closet contains the HVAC unit plus the water heater.

I can barely stick a broom, mop plus bin in there.

The rest is all equipment, however when the HVAC dies I am going to change to a ductless system. It will be wall mounted air handlers in each room rather than one big unit in the closet. When the water heating system dies I am doing a tankless model. This unit mounts on the wall plus takes up half the space; Once I free up space by removing that big boiling water tank, I will be able to have coats, boots plus cleaning supplies in there. It will be glorious to have all that storage. Tankless water furnaces have benefits too. They are periodically called on demand boiling water heaters. They have the water heated the moment you want it. It isn’t a big tank that can run out of boiling water if you take too long of a shower. It only heats what you use. It is faster plus you don’t waste any water waiting for it to heat up. It also is much more new of a design. I already labor with our plumbing corporation plus talked about water heating system models. I suppose which one I want plus I am prepared to spend money the money. I just can’t justify buying a new water heating system until our old one can no longer be repaired.

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