Visiting my friends in the northeast

In about a week and a half, I am going to visit some friends in the northeast region of the country.

I am currently living in the southeastern region of the country and the summer time where I live has been unbearably overheated and humid.

I cannot remember the last time I opened our windows to let fresh air in our house, the air conditioning has been running 24 hours a afternoon because that is the only way I can get comfort and relief from this heat. I am sure that it will be overheated up north because it is summer, but it will not be as humid as it is here. I am looking forward to being able to do activities while I was in that afternoon that do not require air conditioning or being submerged in water to function. I am looking forward to sleeping without air conditioning and feeling the cool breeze of the summer time night air with the windows open. I am looking forward to eating at a diner outside and not having to lay inside in the air conditioning to be comfortable while I’m eating. As much as I like living here because the weather is great for the fall, winter, and spring, I miss being able to live my life in the summer time without worrying about if it will be too overheated to function. I can see why several people live in the south in the wintertime and the north in the summer. That is the best of both worlds and you may not need heat or air conditioning as much as someone who lives in the same place year round. I am genuinely looking forward to our trip and I am also happy for the heat of the summer time to be over here.

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