Two vehicle garage solution that is cheaper

It is all based out of a shipping bucket & really affordable

My fiance desperately wanted a several vehicle garage for our land, however unfortunately the previous owners did have a carport, however they decided to put it super far away from the front door; It would be quite a hike if you wanted to park there, so my fiance just keeps his tools & lawn component under it! He wanted a several vehicle garage with an office set up, separate powder room & work out area, then the program is that it would be his work from loft solution & man cave. That way the kids & I could have the main living section dn not bother him with work. I looked into professional builders & was shocked by the pricing. It was way too much to have the venue built with tile floors, lighting & plumbing. I then found a shipping bucket corporation that does modular loft solutions. They created the garage just the way my fiance wanted it. He designed the whole venue online. He set up where his powder room goes & how it connects to the office. He made the gym the exact height, length & width he needed. He even got mounts put in for his speaker system, finally, he has a separate section where every one of us can park the cars & not be in his way. It is all based out of a shipping bucket & really affordable. They did all the bidding at their facility & just dropped it off where every one of us marked it in our yard. It was so much cheaper than any loft builder quoted us.



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