Trying to be a hero caused me to break my arm

I was working on a ductwork replacement job when a little kid asked me to help her get her kitten out of a tree.

Sure, it sounds entirely strange and a lot similar to a scene from a TV show from the past, however that is really what happened.

I already had a ladder out on the roof. I recognize that is why the little girl decided to ask me for some assistance in retrieving her kitten. I could see the kitten in the tree and the animal seemed scared. I climbed up the ladder to retrieve the cat… She came to me with no concern at all, as I started moving down the ladder. The kitten totally became scared and started to claw at my face and my eyes. I dropped the kitten and fell backwards. I broke my arm when it got stuck between a couple of ladder rungs. It was dislocated and I totally needed surgery. That was the last time that I tested any genre of heating or cooling machine project. Everyone in the office laughs at me and calls me a hero for helping the kid and the kitten. I guess they recognize it’s funny and I recognize the irony of the situation is a little amusing I suppose. Still, I have a broken arm for 6 weeks and I am stuck on light duty until everything heals the way it should. I cannot actually work on any ductwork replacement jobs. All I can do is sit in the office and answer telephone calls all day. Thankfully the boss has to pay me the same amount of cash for working in the office, because the accident did actually happen while working on the job.


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