Try tweaking your HVAC to get a better night’s sleep

You should try to tweak your A/C to get a better night’s sleep if you are having trouble sleeping at night.

I studied an entirely great article recently on an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C blog about the way your body temperature helps better regulate your sleep patterns.

If you end up getting too warm while you are trying to sleep, your body just doesn’t want to cooperate and you don’t sleep nearly as well. If you discover that you are having trouble sleeping, then you should try turning down the temperature on your HVAC. It could end up entirely working wonders for you if you just turn it down just a few degrees. I had been having all kinds of trouble sleeping and I finally decided to try turning down the temperature controls. I didn’t entirely recognize that it could help all that much at first, but within a couple of hours, I noticed that I was feeling entirely nice and cozy underneath my heavy blankets. Something about being colder just made myself and others want to burrow down deep in the weighted blankets and get to sleep. It was entirely weird, but sleeping in the chill was much better than sleeping when my room was too hot, but my advice to anyone who has been having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep is to try turning down the temperature in your home! You might be surprised how much your central A/C could help you out if you just turn it down a few degrees colder than it normally is. Your entire sleep schedule could change for the better.


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