Trucks on the road

These days there are way too many trucks on the road.

This is something that could change if the powers that be would invest a little more money and time into other methods of cross country transportation for goods.

The reason it is not so great to have all these trucks on the road is because it really damages the air quality. The air quality in the world is going way downhill as of lately. Not all of it has to do with trucks, but a good portion of the bad air quality is all because of the exhaust of the trucks. The air quality in my area has been having a real rough time as of late. This is the main reason I have been thinking about the air quality and trucks lately. Thankfully I have a whole home air purification system in my house. This helps combat the bad air quality that I have been dealing with lately. The whole home air purification system was not cheap by any means. I had to make a major investment and take out a loan from my bank in order to even be able to get the whole home air purification system. But once I did, I noticed a big difference in the air quality when I am at home. I do not have the same breathing issues that I used to have. But it would be really nice if some of these trucks on the road would ease up and the outdoor air quality would be just as nice as the air quality I get from the whole home air purification system!


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