Toxic and dangerous HVAC duct

I labor for a professional cleaning crew, however in a very special capacity.

You have to understand this is not Molly Maids, we do not come over to clean your apartment before you transport out.

The people I was with and I handle industrial clean-out tasks, The people I was with and I haul off toxic chemicals, we vacuum out asbestos-filled insulation from the walls and ceilings, we remove the kind of stains that involve using acid instead of cleanser. One time we were called in to deep clean the killing floor of a slaughterhouse, if that gives you a better idea about our work. On this cleaning crew, my task is to handle ventilation systems, air vents, and HVAC duct, and people do not realize how deadly and toxic HVAC duct can become if it isn’t cleaned out for various years. In some cases a ventilation idea can be scrubbed, cleaned and sterilized, however in other cases it needs to be replaced entirely. In a normal house, people don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals sticking to the inside of their air ducts, however in commercial and industrial settings it is fairly commonplace. The labor is not straight-forward, and often requires myself and others to wriggling through ventilation systems while wearing a full protective body suit. I don’t mind it, because I get paid a lot of currency due to the danger. It is called “Hazard pay” and makes it well worth my while to keep digging into disgusting and toxic ventilation systems. If you own a business, you should consider testing your air quality, and ensuring that your entire ventilation idea is safe and non-toxic.
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