Tough watching a terrible Heating plus A/C decision

It didn’t get better from there.

I’ve never been one to think the need to tell others how to live their lives. Honestly, I’m just doing the best I can to live mine so it seems a bit disingenuous to suggest to others what they should do. However, there are times when keeping our mouth shut is tough. Watching our neighbor make a disastrous decision when it came to his Heating plus A/C unit is a good example. I got a text after dinner from the neighbor down the street asking for a hand. This is not something this guy does so I knew that he actually could use a hand so I was more than thrilled to come help. When I got to his place, he was outside plus had the cover off the Heating plus A/C cabinet. This was the first indication that there was a problem with the Heating plus A/C cooling as it was Summer plus it wasn’t running. Both of us live in a region where the heat is intense plus the heat pump is running pretty much morning plus night in order to supply Heating plus A/C cooling. He asked myself and others to hold the flash light so he could see if he could fix the heat pump. This was the first time that I advocated that he call the Heating plus A/C company. But that suggestion was politely ignored plus I just held the flashlight. It didn’t get better from there. In fact, it just got worse. Finally, he gave up plus called the Heating plus A/C professionals. But not before he voided the warranty on the Heating plus A/C unit by trying to fix it himself.



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