Time for new HVAC but same HVAC company

When I moved out here, I wasn’t so sure how I’d take to rural life.

For sure, I’ve always had this sort of romantic notion when it came to living outside a city.

When you grow up in apartment buildings with so so heating and cooling, loud neighbors and all that concrete, quiet and nature sounds great. Still, there is a whole other way of life that takes some getting accustomed to when you live in a very rural area. For one, there isn’t the limitless options for just about everything that you see in the city. This was sort of tough for me right off the bat. The house I bought needed plenty of work, most of which I could do myself. But stuff like the heating and cooling equipment was out of my league. But my choices were sort of limited when it came to HVAC professionals. I ended up going with an HVAC company that was in the hands of the second generation of ownership. These HVAC professionals were great. They were dedicated to what they did and were experts when it came to quality heating and air. They helped me pick out the industry standard in residential HVAC. And then, they did all the HVAC maintenance as well. Fast forward almost 25 years and it’s time to replace the HVAC equipment. I’ll be getting the latest and greatest when it comes to HVAC technology. But I can assure you that I will be choosing the same HVAC company to do the installation and the subsequent HVAC maintenance.


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