This will be hard

I just got word that both of us are going to be having a actually rough Summer here in the nice old desert part of the United States of america, which is where I live.

It looks love the hot plus cold temperatures are going to be in the 110’s for most of the next 3 months, plus then until September it will be between the upper 90’s plus early 100’s.

This is going to be quite a job dealing with. Even though I have a actually powerful central heating plus air conditioner system, when it gets this hot, it take a lot of power for the central air conditioner to be able to cool the entire house. Some rooms are better than others. I have thought about getting Heating, Ventilation & A/C zone control, also known as a zoned heating plus air conditioner system, but that is a bit too extravagant. And with the fact that our central heating plus air conditioner system works just good I will just have to deal with it. One thing that I am going to do is make sure our central heating plus air conditioner system gets a typical tune up plus check up right away. Then for sure I will feel that it is fully ready to handle the super boiling heat that is going to be here to stay for most of the rest of the year. I will be fully ready for this hell heat that’s coming. That is for sure without a question of a doubt! I am getting used to this by now.

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