This place had everything I needed

I knew it was kinda sad that I didn’t want to return to my home.

There were times I felt strange and knew the reason.

But for sure, I love my lovely home. I’m lucky to own this nice 3-bedroom house to live with such quality HVAC along with many other amenities. However, when I was returning from my trip this Spring, I admit I kept dragging my feet to actually get home. I’m sure some of that was because of the fantastic time I had on the trip. I found this cute spot at a lovely trip rental at this secluded beach. This locale had all amenities. Plus, it had some of the best central AC I had ever experienced while traveling. There was zone controlled Heating and A/C throughout the spot and a smart control unit to adjust settings on all the air conditioning. My trip was just so perfect that of course, I was in no hurry to get back to the grind of going to my cubicle in a building downtown which also has zone controlled Heating and A/C. Still, that wasn’t the real reason I didn’t want to walk through the door of my residence. That had everything to do with the fact that my humble abode just stunk so bad. Having the pets in a kennel and not cooking for a month wasn’t going to get rid of the smell. I believe it was then that I knew that turning to the Heating and A/C worker to set up a whole home air purification program would be best. And that’s what I did. After that, my home is perfect and I have the best indoor air quality.

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