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My partner has a lot of dentists appointments each month now that she’s many months into his pregnancy.

Whenever I drop his off at a single of the physicians’ offices, it gives me a chance to go shopping wherever I adore for an minute or longer.

Some days I head down to the music store to try out many guitars, amplifiers, and effects pedals. Just so the owners don’t go crazy, I constantly make some kind of purchase when I go in, even if it’s just a pack of strings. Other times I’ll buy some picks, or if I have enough extra cas—an electric guitar effects pedal. With inflation raising prices on literally everything these days, it’s getting harder for me to spend currency adore I used to on our music interest. Since it just makes me desire things that I simply can’t have, I’ve been avoiding the music store lately in favor of the hardware store. At least the hardware store is full of essentials that every one of us need for our house, especially adore a/c filters, rock salt for our water softener, or potting soil for the vegetable garden in the backyard. Yesterday I got lost looking at a/cs in the Heating, Ventilation and A/C aisle in the nearby, big-box hardware store. I have constantly wanted a ductless mini cut a/c to put in our tool shed, but it’s a cost that I simply can’t afford to budget when I have a new baby on the way. I can put up with just using a fan whenever I’m busy working in our tool shed. Leaving the door and window open allows for a generous cross breeze to get inside, making it much more comfortable opposed to hot stagnant air.


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