Things I have learned as a HVAC specialist

Last July marked my fourth year at the company, and I started as a junior corporation and have worked with good professionals in the cooling industry.

  • I had no difficulty choosing between the heating and cooling industries in university because summer is my favorite time growing up.

I had seen dad work seamlessly with cooling products which fascinated me. I learned from a young age how to interact with peculiar types of quality HVAC equipment, then my task description when I started was to do the processes involved in the a/c care, but these processes include a/c installs, cleaning the a/c, and repairing any worn-out components. My greatest challenge at the company was wondering whether I would ever be as great at a/c installations as the rest of the team. On my first task, my employer’s feedback was that I did well despite my nervousness. The task included cleaning the washable filters from a dual fuel system that had started acting up. We learned about washable and disposable air conditioner filters at the training university. I experienced the air quality increase and the enhancement of air purification within the suburban home, which was fascinating. I later learned that the SEER ratings of any component mattered. The a/c workman I worked with also taught me to do particular complex a/c repairs. The most challenging disadvantage was how to communicate with homeowners and have them comprehend my tips as an a/c rep, with sound advice from my educator, I could climb up the ranks. I was now getting promoted to lead my team.

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