Things didn’t go so well with the DIY HVAC installation

I honestly wasn’t sure if I should invest in a DIY HVAC system where I would install it on my own. I had a friend though who kept insisting that it was the best way to go and it was so easy to do. I asked him if he would help me out but he kept telling me that he was busy, even after I had the new DIY ductless mini split sent to my home. I actually didn’t know anybody who would be willing to help me install an HVAC system. I tried to follow the directions as best as I could too. When I was working with the huge condenser unit, I really could have used some help. I was able to make a nice concrete slab with rhubarb inside to keep it stable. That actually seemed a little difficult for me just to do that to be honest, because I’m no professional when it comes to things like that. Everything was level though but trying to carry the condenser unit didn’t work out too well for me. I ended up dropping the thing on my foot and I swear I heard my bones crack and I couldn’t even walk after that. Fortunately I had my cell phone on me and I was able to call my friend who this time was able to take me to the emergency room. He said I shouldn’t have done that part on my own, even though I called him practically every day to get him to come out to help me! I ended up getting X-rays and they had to make sure my bones were all back in place so they could heal, so I had to wear a cast on my foot.


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