They offer corporate wellness now

I work for a small SEO firm, and I get my health insurance from a well-established medical insurance dealer. During open enrollment, the insurance corporation offers us several incentives in addition to perks to join some of the programs that they offer. Typically, I turn down several of these programs purely because I have no interest in any of them. But, while in the last open enrollment, the insurance corporation told us about a Corporate Wellness Program that they were offering. The program offered us discounts for gym memberships if we promoted healthy eating in the office. It also offered the corporation a discount if they created a gym or a workout space inside the building. Additionally, the program offered an incentive to those who quit smoking, which I suppose is an unbelievable way to promote better health. I am not a smoker, but I did sign up for the gym membership as part of the Corporate Wellness Program! My corporation did install some workout gear, however just mostly dumbbells, weight benches, in addition to a couple of treadmills. It’s not enough for a full workout so I have opted to just go to the gym instead. At the start, I was only trying to get the incentives in addition to perks from the insurance dealer, however now I am going to the gym so that I can remain fit and healthy. The best part is, some of my coworkers have now joined in on this Corporate Wellness Program in addition to are now coming to the gym with me. It makes it easier when both of us motivate each other to work out.