They don't need to have an air conditioner

My kids have gotten really spoiled and let me tell you why. According to them, the central heating and air conditioning system isn’t enough for them and they now want us to purchase a zone controlled HVAC system for the house. I mean after my two children my son and my daughter got into a big argument over temperature preferences. My son has always been on the hot side and my daughter on the cool side and so they often can’t agree with what temperature they want the rooms to be. You would think the simple solution would be maybe to get her a Ductless mini split air conditioner to keep her room cool and for him to get him a portable space heater but even that isn’t enough. It won’t work because the two of them share our bedroom, and neither of them will be able to get what they want. For the same reason, a zone control HVAC system won’t work either. Really they just need to put aside their temperature differences and need to find an even middle. We keep our house at room temperature and when I was growing up we didn’t even have the luxury of a central air conditioning system like kids do nowadays. They really don’t know how lucky they are. Besidess, even if I was interested in buying a zone controlled HVAC system, they are expensive and I’m not even sure where I would come up with the money to buy one.

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