They did not answer the emergency iPhone last night

When I got to my office earlier today, there were several calls on the answering machine. Those calls were from a few loyal Commercial Heating and AC repair patrons. One purchaser was furious. He left messages letting me guess that he called the emergency telephone number several times and no one answered, but Jason and Chad were on the emergency iPhone line the previous night. I called both of the men to find out why the store iPhone was not answered. I also called the other people back that left messages. One of those patrons was also nervous because he called for emergency heating and AC repairs and got no answer. The guy has been my purchaser for 10 years and he is thinking about contacting someone else for heating and AC repair help. I couldn’t get Jason on the iPhone, however when I got Chadwick I told him to come down to the office instantly. When he arrived, I still had not reached the other repair pro. I sincerely didn’t need him to find out what happened. Chadwick told me everything about the previous night, and both of the men went to a bar and got drunk. Chad didn’t answer any of the calls and let the iPhone go to voice text. They got way too drunk and hung over to repair any heat pumps, oil furnaces, or cooling systems. These guys have turned out to be a substantial disappointment for me. I had very High Hopes from them in the start although I do not think they want to work unquestionably hard.

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