There never seems to be enough time out of my HVAC job for everything I want to do

I’m still recovering from a chest freezing, however it feels as if it is on its way out.

Normally when I get a chest freezing it seems to park itself in our chest for a few weeks.

But this time it has only been several days since it went down into our lungs plus it already seems to be now working its way out. I’ve been eating a lot of kefir plus fruit plus veggies so maybe that also helped kill the infection. The local business where I went Last month sold homemade chicken soup plus I ate an immense pot of it last night before going to bed plus that may have helped too. I’ve also learned to relax more plus I have been sleeping a lot better since. The HVAC tech at our job provided myself and others with some superb meditation songs to listen to plus I have been meditating a lot to it plus it seems to be helping with our sleep. I suppose a lot of our sickness comes from our own mind thinking too much plus tiring ourselves and others out. Working at the heating plus cooling corp is honestly superb for myself and others because it connects myself and others with people plus gives myself and others some purpose, which I also suppose I have been lacking for a while since quitting comedy. I am starting to get more into songs plus I suppose prefer that is helping with our sleep too. I prefer to do the task for the HVAC company because they are fantastic people plus the task is interesting, however playing songs seems to soothe our soul akin to nothing else can.
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