There is a strange smell in the car

There is a smelly smell in our vehicle plus I don’t know where it’s coming from, and I am starting to guess that maybe something crawled into the motor somewhere and died, but I do not have any idea what it could be.

I already checked it out and I did not see any mice or moles or anything like that in there anywhere.

It’s one of those smells that you catch a whiff of every now and then and it smells so terrible that you can’t stand it. It smells just horrible, but I don’t know what in the world it is. I was thinking about calling up a vehicle mechanic to see if they could help me figure out what the issue is, I don’t certainly have a whole lot of money to spend on vehicle repairs at the moment. I was certainly hoping that I would be able to figure out the problem myself so that I could just do something about it. Right now, every time I turn the air vents on in the car, the smell almost knocks me unconscious. It’s just certainly awful plus so I can’t run the furnace or the cooling system right now. At least it’s the time of the year when the weather has just started cooling down but it’s not cold yet by a long shot. If it was any other time of year, I would be in trouble. I wonder if there might be some kind of mold or mildew growing inside the air vents in the car, whatever the reason is, I have to get it fixed soon!

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