The Summer is the perfect time to begin a heating business

I run a blog that advises new business owners on things they need to know as they prepare their new business.

I think it’s a super rewarding hobby because so many people don’t know what they are doing when it comes to the logistics of the job.

I tend to see a lot of questions circulating around air conditioning and heating systems. Commercial AC and heating is a bit trickier than residential systems because the square footage is typically bigger, and the style of ductwork is normally more complicated because of the different store layouts. This is why you may walk into a store or restaurant and see weird things happening with the ductwork along the ceiling. When it comes to heating, I wrote a blog recommending that new business owners install their new heaters and replace their systems in the summer so that they have a comfortable transition to heat as the winter months approach. When the colder weather sets in, people want to already feel warmth from the heater when they walk into your store. Already having that up and running so you don’t have to make any heating repairs can be a great opportunity to create fluidity in your business for your customers. It’s little things like that that usually keep people coming back to your business, and overall comfort is something that will go a long way if you are just starting out. I’ve written lots of other posts with great tips. I hope that my blog gets more traction over the next few months so that I can turn this into a full time gig.


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