The snowing was non stop

Although I am usually a massive fan of the snowy weather, I am not a fan when it keeps snowing and snowing and snowing.

Because then it just becomes a pain to deal with.

This entire Winter has been nothing however endless snow and cold, and I am absolutely getting tired of it. I work from home, so thankfully I don’t have to worry about the yearly dangerous drive, although I can only avoid going outside for so long. I eventually have to leave to get groceries and get out socially to keep my sanity. Anyways, it could be worse. My a single friend I was talking to told me his furnace broke down! I couldn’t believe it, of all of the times for his heating device to cut down, now has got to be a single of the worst times with all of the endless snowing. It was terrible enough to warrant an emergency Heating and A/C repair service, which thankfully the local heating and cooling system corporations gave. My friend called the local cooling system service, and they were able to send out a heating and cooling specialist to his house in 20 minutes. His heating unit was back up and running within another 15 minutes. However, the cost was pretty fancy, and my friend told me he is thinking of going with the Heating and A/C service plan, because it would save him money. I suppose that is a nice idea, and I am thrilled I am not in his situation, but even though I have it bad, it is a nice reminder that there are always worse things out there.

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