The SEO tracks all the traffic coming in

I get a lot of assistance with advertising, because our brother Ben went to school for advertising and marketing. Ben and I could not be more unusual at all. I grew up with our mom and Ben grew up with our father. Both of us had reason to complain about our childhood. I threw up and decided to start an HVAC repair business. Ben went to university and started a business of his own. His business involves online and digital marketing. Ben owns an online marketing business that helps people with Google ads, banners, search engine optimization, and spend money per click advertising. I did not know anything about how to market our dealer’s website, and I particularly wasn’t getting a lot of clients for commercial repairs. I asked Ben if there was some way that he could help me get more clients to the website. Ben advocated a brand current website along with 100 other ideas. I thought I was doing pretty wonderful until Ben offered me a 2-hour lecture on the complications with our website. I knew Ben was just trying to be helpful, although I task hard on the website and it was hard to hear those things. Ben helped me set up a much better website with a killer logo and plenty of flashy banner ads and advertising. He added keywords to the page descriptions and there is even an online community where people can discuss any complications they are having with their HVAC equipment. There are a ton of new online resources as well. The revamped website even tracks how long clients stay on page and what pages they visit.


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