The road had been shut so I could not get to the customer

I had to meet with a customer Last week and I was supposed to drive over to the up-to-date vacant lot where they had just started to build houses! Blessedly, the roads were completely closed as well as I was unable to drive down to the development.

I contacted Bob, the new customer, as soon as I realized there was going to be a problem.

Bob seemed to be perfectly pleased to schedule the heating as well as AC review for an odd day. Bob seemed unquestionably blissful on the iPhone as well as Bob gave myself and others no indication that rescheduling was a problem. Bob still decided to contact our boss to tell him that I did not want to complete the task on that day, however I was already too busy to be there. When our boss called myself and others on the iPhone for more details, I told him the truth, which was that the roads were completely restrained. My boss asked if there was any alternate route as well as I assured him that I looked for nearly an hour trying to find a way down into the village. With up-to-date construction love this, it is normal for there to be roads restrained off while in the construction process. I assured our boss that I wanted to task on the heating as well as AC call as soon as the road was open for business. Unless Bob expected myself and others to jet ski across the lake, there was really no other way that I was going to be able to get down that road until all of the construction was done.
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