The repairs for the mobile Heating, Ventilation, and A/C guy were drastic

Not that many of years ago, I decided to sell my cabin and live a much odd lifestyle.

  • I purchased a small camper and my dog and I went out on the road.

The camper that I purchased was older, however it had been newly remodeled with new flooring, cement in the bathroom, and a brand new oil furnace. The previous owner told myself and others that the cooling system was a couple of years old. It was ice frosty on the afternoon that I purchased the camper. About 6 weeks into my trip, I had the first problems with the camper. It turned out to be an issue with the air conditioning system. That machine is a single of the most luxurious items in the automobile to service and I had to contact a mobile Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service repair to handle the repair. Since I was living in the mobile camper, I did not have anywhere else to live if I put it in a shop. I contacted a couple of odd locales and only a single Heating, Ventilation, and A/C service repair gave mobile services for recreational vehicles. I made an appointment and paid an astronomically High fee for the repair call and the repairs. At least they were able to service the problem. It would have been a lot worse if I had to pay for a repair call that did not result in a functioning AC system. While the repair professional was working on the system, he also cleaned and tested the rest of the oil furnace components as well. I have not had any other major problems since then.

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