The poker room was very frosty and I was shivering

Every Thursday night, my friends and I go downtown to the poker room to play in the $300 Texas Hold’em no-limit tournament.

My friends and I have been playing in this particular tournament for the past 6 weeks.

I had a couple of finishes in the money, however I have never been able to get the large prize. My neighbor Jack had a first-place finish several weeks ago. The guy is still using his winnings from that tournament to play cards. There were almost a hundred people that afternoon and the first locale prize was over $5,000… Last Thursday night there was a radio event held at the same time as the $300 tournament. The poker room was unusually packed with people. The locale is always busy, however there was hardly any room to stand. Since there were a ton of people inside, the cooling systems were working overtime. The pit boss must have turned the temperature control down to 60 degrees, because the indoor air temperatures were frosty and freezing. I was wearing a lightweight jacket with a hood and I could assume my teeth chattering. The frosty hands and shivering teeth made it difficult to bluff many pots; During the first break, I heard a single of the dealers talkin to a odd player that wasn’t in the tournament. The dealer told that guy that the AC system had been broken all afternoon. Since they had several sizable events that night, they decided to wait until after the locale was closed to service the air conditioning problem. It very changed my strategy and gameplay.
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