The only other appointment was during the match

Both of our gentlemen play soccer for the high school team.

I have been to every single a single of their games. They know that I will be in the stands cheering for them on game afternoon… Unfortunately, something came up Last month and I had to miss a game for the really first time ever. Even though our adolescents said they understood, I knew they were disappointed when I had to stay home. Every one of us had a problem with the A/C plan and I tried to make an appointment to have the A/C repaired that afternoon. Unfortunately, the only available appointment they had was during the match. I did not have any option except to stay home and wait for the maintenance professional. The adolescents would have been much more frustrated to come home to a beach house that was hot and uncomfortable. The repairman was finishing with the A/C when our neighbor dropped off the gentlemen after the game. They were absolutely happy because they won with a score of 5-2. One of our gentlemen scored 2 goals. The adolescents were so happy and full of energy. It sounded love a great reason to celebrate. I told the gentlemen to take a shower and get changed and both of us opted to go out for lunch, then now that the A/C problem was fixed, I wanted to get back to doing what I care about best. The adolescents told me all about the game, including how the coach got kicked out of the game again. That’s the fourth time this season. The guy has to get his anger under control.



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