The odor reduction HVAC filters have charcoal on one side

I love pets and animals so much that I seriously considered becoming a veterinarian for a good portion of my teen years, but those hopes were dashed when I joined the military and had to learn IT work like python and C++ coding and programming.

While those years set me up with a career that will pay my bills for the rest of my life, I still wonder some days what life would have been like if I had gone to veterinary school instead of the Air Force.

At least I can have lots of pets and animals at my house now that I have the space with this large rural ranch with 80 acres surrounding it. It started with a few animals in a barn, but now I have a house full of pets that are causing this place to feel packed to the brim. I have fish tanks in every room, three dogs, two cats, a gerbil, and a lizard. Needless to say, there are strong odors present in my home that are a direct result of the animals that I keep as pets. They all have their own unique odors that I have to address, regardless of how clean I keep both them and the house that we all share and inhabit. While they’re not a miracle cure for indoor odors, I have found that the special odor reduction HVAC filters with activated charcoal on one side are extremely effective at knocking down airborne odors. The pet odors are often collected in the filters’ charcoal layer and will make the air running through the HVAC system smell a lot cleaner than it would otherwise. I just wish the odor reduction filters weren’t so expensive, otherwise I wouldn’t feel as bad about using them every single time I replace my heating and cooling system filter.
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