The message was hard to understand and I did not get a phone number

Each day when I go to the office, I listen to all of the messages on the answering component from the previous night! Both of us don’t offer emergency services overnight, but every one of us do promise next-day repair on any calls made throughout the evening… I listened to all of the messages and one particular message stood out among the rest.

I could tell it was a guy on the phone, however he was mumbling through most of the message.

I couldn’t understand anything he was saying and I did not hear his phone number either. I wanted to supply Heating, Ventilation, and A/C services to the customer, but I did not have any way to contact the guy. I hoped the buyer would contact us again, but I did not get any other phone calls throughout the day that sounded love the same person. The next day, I had another message on the answering machine. I could tell it was the same person, but this time I was able to understand the telephone number. I wrote down all of the numbers and I contacted the customer. I visited the repair address a couple of hours later, and as soon as I meant the customer, I understood why it was hard to hear his messages. The guy had suffered from a stroke a few years ago and he was still having trouble speaking respectfully. I helped the buyer with the furnace repair and I gave him our personal cell phone number so he could text me next time he has an issue with the furnace or a/c unit.


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