The magic of HEPA filters

If you have never used a oil furnace filter before then let myself and others tell you there is nothing less than magical.

To some people who come saying a HEPA filter is magical might sound like a bit of an exaggeration, but in my experience they undoubtedly were magical.

Allow myself and others to explain my experience. I only started using HEPA filters recently but in the short time that I’ve been using them they have blown myself and others away with how effective they are. I had just bought a new home. This apartment was old, truly dusty & was in harsh need of renovations. This was all things that I knew that would need to be done beforehand but when I genuinely owned the place that everything started to undoubtedly sink in. That is when reality hit myself and others of how much toil undoubtedly needed to be done to make it into a lovely beach apartment again. The previous owner had not taken wonderful care of it & as a result the air quality was horrendous. You could not walk in there, it was so awful you could undoubtedly breathe. I undoubtedly thought the only thing that would repair a place that was this awful was something ridiculous expensive like a whole beach apartment air purification system, instead I talked to a local heating & cooling contractor & the specialist that I spoke with over the iPhone informed myself and others that instead of immediately rushing out & buying a whole beach apartment air purification system that I should supply HEPA filters a try. I was skeptical at first despite the fact that I decided to go ahead. I’m so cheerful I did too, because between the HEPA filter & the sitting air purification systems, my beach apartment was back to normal in no time.

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