The magic of HEPA filters

If you have never used a heating system filter before then let me tell you there is nothing less than magical. To some people who come saying a HEPA filter is magical might sound like a bit of an exaggeration, however in our experience they really were magical. Allow me to explain our experience. I only started using HEPA filters recently however in the short time that I have been using them they have blown me away with how effective they are. I had just obtained a new home. This house was old, easily dusty and was in dire need of renovations. This was all things that I knew that would need to be done beforehand however when I absolutely owned the place that everything started to really sink in. That is when reality hit me of how much work really needed to be done to make it into a beautiful home again. The previous owner hadn’t taken nice care of it and as a result the indoor air pollen levels was horrendous. You could not walk in there, it was so awful you could really breathe. I actually thought the only thing that would fix a place that was this awful was something crazy lavish like a whole home air purification system, instead I talked to a local heating and cooling business and the corporation that I spoke with over the iPhone informed me that instead of immediately rushing out and buying a whole home air purification plan that I should give HEPA filters a try. I was skeptical at first however I decided to go ahead. I am so cheerful I did too, because between the HEPA filter and the resting media air purification systems, our home was back to normal in no time.



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