The loud blast from the hydronic heating component woke up the baby

I had my nephews and nieces over for the weekend. I travel a lot for work, however when I am around, I spend time with my babies at my house. I had been abroad for a couple of weeks, and when I returned, I picked up my nephews and nieces and took them to my apartment for the weekend. The youngsters loved playing with the temperature control component because they found it fascinating. I did not suppose they had messed around with the device. They changed some settings, which affected the function of the hydronic heating device. It was day when the incident occurred. The quality Heating and Air Conditioning equipment was overheating, and the safety mechanism switched off, however not before it let out a loud bang. The sound woke up the youngest child, who was taking a nap. She let out a shrill cry because she was startled by the noise. After I put her back to sleep, I got the portable space heating system to give quality heating since the gas furnace had shut down. I booked an appointment with the heating supplier to do the necessary gas furnace/heater repairs. I pondered why the component had malfunctioned, and I was oblivious that the youngsters had messed with the settings on the temperature control. The gas furnace/heater installation had been about various years, so the method was not old. The Heating and Air Conditioning repairman had done various gas furnace/heater tune-ups since then, and the method had behaved and provided quality whole house heating. I got the current method from the local Heating and Air Conditioning business, and the Heating and Air Conditioning provider gave us a fine discount. The Heating and Air Conditioning techs came the following day, repaired the system, and restored indoor comfort. They installed the temperature control in a higher position to avoid the youngsters reaching it and messing up the system.