The joys of having taxing water

I have taxing water or also known as well water.

  • It is entirely bad and contains a lot of sediment, and due to this I deal with plumbing problems all the time.

The water stains anything it touches. I couldn’t have a white shower because it would be an orangy brown within a few days, then all our shower controls are a brassy color due to this. The sediment entirely clogs then drains and stops water flow from the shower head and faucet. One thing that I always have to remove is the sink aerator. That is to restrict the steam of water. The aerator gets jammed with sediment within a month of use. I don’t even bother replacing it anymore. The taxing water stains our toilet purple and causes rust on everything. The worst is our awful water heater. There is a section called an anode rod. It is supposed to stop sediment from getting into the water. That is so I can use it for drinking and safely cleaning myself. Well I have such bad water that it isn’t possible. The anode rod gets rusted and corroded within a few months! How do I know? The smell of rotten eggs is what happens when it no longer works. My partner then has to rip out the rod, dump bleach down our drains and flush it out of the pipes. Then we have a better working water heater. Athae drawback of this is that the water heating system then is no longer covered under warranty. There is nothing a plumber could do for us anyway though.

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