The impressive indoor air quality at the dentist's office

My partner was more nervous than I was while I was the one getting a root canal.

He looked like he was on the brink of a panic attack.

Nick could not stand the sight of needles. While he was trying to tone down his anxiety, I was marveling at the indoor air quality, unlike none other that I had experienced in a public entity. It was not as cold as most hospitals were, and it was just the right temperature. They had to have a state-of-the-art smart thermostat that perfectly balanced the humidity and temperature. I always thought that my heat pump nailed it when it came to its air purification system, but after that experience, I thought of buying an air purifier to try and match up. When we were the next in line, I could see Nick trying breathing exercises, and so to keep his mind busy, I asked him to look at different heat and AC products online and focus on the ones that had outstanding air quality systems. I also asked him to find a heating service provider that had the lowest rates for services such as duct cleaning and overall ductwork maintenance. I was about to mention duct sealing, but I stopped myself since he usually took care of that and would realize I was trying to take his mind off the current situation. He was surprisingly fast with his search because even before I got called, he had found a local business that had everything I had mentioned. By the time I left the doctor’s office, he had found out the type of air filter the hospital used and how often they had their air ducts cleaned. Unfortunately, it was not like the washable filter we had back home.



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