The HVAC technician was also a certified plumber

Dad and I were arguing about my car the other day.

  • He was insisting I take it to the auto repair shop for servicing.

I knew he had a point since it was time for the annual service. But, my friends and I were heading to the lake that weekend. If I took the car to the shop, that meant I would pick it up the next week. I tried to reason with my dad, but he was adamant that this had to be done to ensure the car was in great condition. So, as a compromise, I told him I’d take the car to the shop if he lent me his truck. We were still negotiating when we saw an HVAC van pull up on the driveway. Dad had phoned the HVAC business in town the previous day to book an appointment. He wanted an HVAC technician to come to do the annual tune-up and check-up before summer. The HVAC technician got out of the van, greeted us, and spoke with dad. Dad explained he wanted a full inspection of the HVAC system. Then afterward, the guy would inspect the house’s plumbing. I was surprised by this request and asked dad about it. Dad told me that the company did HVAC servicing, plumbing and electrical work. All their staff had certification in these industries and could do a great job. I found that an impressive business model since every home needed HVAC, plumbing and electrical work. If one expert could do all 3, he or she must earn well and be really skilled in their job.


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